Price optimization at the customer level.


How we rescue your pricing.
Smarter Pricing

Drive 20% higher transaction prices than traditional flat discounting.

Unparalleled Data

Real customers. Real offers. Real products. We collect the most valuable data in retail.

Quick and Discreet

Immediately find the perfect price between a shopper and retailer, one on one.

Fully Customizable

Touchpoint agnostic – whether in-store or online, retailers are always in control.


Why we're the next iteration of intelligent retail pricing.
One price for many shoppers will always be inefficient.

EP is a white label SaaS that quickly and discreetly finds optimal pricing between an individual shopper and single retailer. This pricing conversation approach is more efficient (and more fun for shoppers) than traditional flat discounting models, and captures shoppers’ true willingness-to-pay. EP is touchpoint agnostic, customizable, and non-competitive; whether utilized in-store or online, the shopper is always empowered, and the retailer is always protected.

Engaged Pricing is price optimization at the customer level.

Founding Team

Retail, technology, data science, marketing, startups.
Shawn Harris
Dr. Tak-Sang Chan
Joe Shartzer
Business Development
David Hoffman


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