Consumers Voting With Feet, Not Just Wallet

We know e-commerce is impacting physical store sales – but just how bad is it?

As noted by The Wall Street Journal, foot traffic and new retail space are down drastically:

Retailers got only about half the holiday traffic in 2013 as they did just three years earlier, according to ShopperTrak, which uses a network of 60,000 shopper-counting devices to track visits at malls and large retailers across the country.



Retailers need to change the physical location shopping experience to bring customers back in-store. (Plus, shoppers want a next-gen experience – they’re ready.)

Pricing, loyalty programs – everything a retailer is doing needs to be re-imaged for a changing consumer and a changing industry. Moving solely to e-commerce channels isn’t an option for major retailers with 5, 10, 20 year leases; it’s time to build the next in-store experience, and CEPP is here to help not only maximize the value of foot traffic, but get more door swings as well.

Joe Shartzer

Cofounder at Nyopoly
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