Shoppers Ready For New Storefront

With doorswings down, the storefront is in need of an overhaul. And here’s the thing – shoppers are ready and willing to experience the physical location differently, especially via smartphones. More from Latitude

Seventy-nine percent of participants were interested in the possibility of having digital content delivered to their mobile phones while shopping in a store.

The infographic below displays the most popular digital enhancements that shoppers would like to see made to in-store retail, as well as the needs underlying these future requests:

Engaging on price, seeing product information, comparables, and loyalty integration in-store – CEPP can help with all of these. How are you beating the competition in-store?


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3 thoughts on “Shoppers Ready For New Storefront

  • This is an excellent article. Make sure that your marketing and social media strategy is multi-layered. Consider
    web-only discounts. Check to see if your register/check out point of sale software allows you to create special discounts. Use social media on as many platforms as seems reasonable. Use the same key words and keep your messaging consistent across all platforms. Consider using a social media dashboard or product like Constant Contact which will allow you to push your messaging via Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., newsletters, e-mail blasts.
    Mobile is here to stay. However, as much as digital is important to today’s busy consumers, don’t forget the occasional lowly paper postcard, but tied to your social media sites with your e-mail/web contact info. and website URLs.

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