In-store Ecommerce. Really.

We know ecommerce is eating in-store retail. But what if you could combine the two for the best of both worlds?

A whitepaper from Rodney Mason of Parago outlined the changing face of retail and in-store vs. ecommerce. There are many great takeaways from the research, including how to integrate the benefits of shopping online in-store:

Using tablets in-store to cross-sell complementary items can give shoppers the best of both online and offline shopping experiences, and ‘connect the dots’ for the shopper to understand that offline and online shopping can be seamless experiences.

Your current loyalty program? It’s probably not working that well…

The top motivator for changing shopper behavior is a prepaid card reward that can be spent anywhere. It is preferred by a wide margin of shoppers over store gift-cards and other incentives. Traditional loyalty rewards are the least preferred offer, driving only eight percent of customers to shop more.

It’s time to innovate to survive:

Sixty-seven percent of adult shoppers from our national study believe the economy is headed in the wrong direction. Half of those — one-third of the total population — report shopping less because of it. To change course and fuel sales, it’s time to start looking for new ideas, innovations and promotional strategy.

CEPP can help bring shoppers back in-store, building a loyalty program that not only differentiates your brand, but also *actually works.* How are you blending online and storefront sales?


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