Engaged Pricing is built on a basic idea: customers value the same products differently – a single price for many shoppers is inefficient.

EP is a white label software-as-a-service that quickly finds optimal pricing between an individual shopper and single retailer. This pricing conversation approach is more efficient (and more fun for shoppers) than traditional flat discounting models, and captures shoppers’ true willingness-to-pay. EP is touchpoint agnostic, customizabale, unbiased and non-competitive – the retailer is always informed, and in control, whether in-store or online.

Engaged Pricing is price optimization at the customer level.

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Retailer Benefits

  • Sell More – Convert more shoppers without publicly advertising a discounted price & mitigating “showrooming.”
  • Earn More – With total “decisioning” control, drive prices higher than fixed price reductions.
  • Learn More – Drive loyalty through rewards model & leveraging unparalleled “consumer willingness” pricing data.

Shopper Benefits

  • Personal Price – Get a price a consumer is willing to pay in a non-competitive and unbiased way.
  • Merchandise Credit – Rewards system that allows consumer to get real savings, on future purchases.
  • Greater Purchase Satisfaction – Mitigate buyer’s remorse, and the likelihood of having to make a return.