Engaged Pricing Featured in Fortune

For those of you who don’t know, the New York Fashion Tech Lab is a tremendous program focused on helping emerging fashion tech connect with major retail partners. Our company, Nyopoly, was fortunate enough to be involved with the program – with some great press. Fortune Magazine ran a well done write-up on the New York Fashion Tech[…]

Transparency is Key in Pricing

Price personalization is essential for retailers trying to sell to ever-changing customers. But when done in the wrong way, customization can seem shady, misleading, or exploitative. A recent study illustrated how sometimes pricing approaches can hurt consumer confidence. Via RetailWire, the Northeastern research found: Conducted this spring, experiences on 16 popular retail and travel e-commerce sites[…]

Matching Amazon On Price Doesn’t Mean You’ll Match Amazon On Success

In the battle of retailers vs. Amazon, price-matching is often a first tool used to compete. But whether in-store or online, the race to the bottom isn’t sustainable for non-Amazonian retailers. Don’t play those away games. From 360pi via Integrated Solutions for Retailers: 360pi’s pricing analysis of 1000+ household goods based on Amazon’s own assortment[…]

This Price Is Right Now

In retail, arguably no trend is more popular than dynamic pricing. As pressures mount on both storefronts and ecommerce spaces, many organizations are looking toward dynamic pricing as a way to keep up with the (giant) elephant in the room: Amazon. But when using this weapon in the fight with Amazon, two important questions arise: How[…]